Along with the outgrowth of KACST efforts to establish an advanced industry in the kingdom that serve an important sectors such as energy, water, aviation, satellites, the renewable energy and the medical industries. However, to achieve the 2030 vision of the Kingdom in addition to the National transformation program 2020, KACST established the innovation center for industry 4.0. Moreover, KACST contributed the implementation of the fourth industrial revolution techniques in the kingdom to strengthen the importance of the techniques and the concepts of this revolution through localization and adoption(sponsorship).

Since the KACST is aware of the importance of coordination and integration with the active strategic partners in the center domain, including the ministries of (Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources, Commerce and Investment, and Communications and Information Technology,) it will work on activating cooperation with these bodies to achieve the objectives, which the center was established for, that leads to achieve the industrial leadership of the Kingdom. Also, it will enable different bodies to benefit from the center’s preparations, to see the industrial processes and the experiences of their practical application, and to develop an advanced training program that includes virtual reality techniques and teleworking and on-the-job training, by depending on the qualified national capacities from universities, research centers, technical colleges and specialized institutes. Furthermore, the center will work to keep abreast of the technical developments through cooperation with the international organizations specialized in the same domain of the center work.